Sunday, July 31, 2011

Installation of Mural Process

Completed Mural Installation
Multiple depths and layers 
 Mural created to fit the wall and its components
Pop outs 
San Diego International Airport and beyond
Building Wood Frames to Install Mural Panels
Bottom Portion of Mural Installed
Cutting Painted Wood Panels 
Installation Progress
Entire Mural Installation Progress

Monday, June 27, 2011

SD International Airport Final Mural Design

Final concept design for the San Diego International Airport Mural which will be installed at Biz Town inside Junior Achievement. Painted on 4'x8' wood panels, creating a multi-dimensional sculptural mural. Approx. mural dimensions: 40' x 14' (Black shadow on design signifies variation in depth)

Mixterious UM Mural Painting and Process

Studio Space at SCPA. Prepping 4'x8' wood panels with gesso.
Install 4 - 5 wood panels at a time on studio walls.
Grid wood panels to ensure mural design accuracy. 
Sketch mural design on wood panels. 
Block in basic shapes with paint. 
Mixing specific colors
Progress shot of the 1st of 4 segments of the total mural.
Applying initial expression layers to the 3rd segment of the mural. 
3rd Segment gets hung on the studio walls to continue paint layering.

1st and 2nd Segment of mural progress shot. 
All 4 segments compiled to show progress of mural painting. Approx. 50% completion.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


The Mixterious Um went around SCPA and engaged in creating some Mix•Inter•Views, proposing to the students, faculty and neighbors, "Our plan to install temporary murals around the SCPA campus." Here are some of the responses we gathered.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

HomeWork Assignments

Each student was given individual homework assignments since each one was at a different level of style, understanding and proficiency of painting. The focus was to work one on one with the students to assist them in particular areas that needed to be strengthened in their artwork.  Isaias Crow

Tess' Exaggerated Self- Portrait